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Raptors Athletics Baseball is proud to partner with Bardo's Diamond Sports! 

Through this partnership Bardo's creates a 12 week winter training program for our AA athletes who wish to work on fundamentals, mechanics and maintain muscle memory before the season starts.  Raptors coaches receive additional insight from Bardo's coaches, and can translate that knowledge to these athletes on the diamond.  Also, our two programs combined working together create a communication conduit as athletes goals are set and skills enhanced to help parents find and connect with others in the baseball community. 

Bardo's Baseball Academy


Bardo's Diamond Sports is a state of the art indoor baseball facility and academy. Their 26,000 square foot building in Parker, Colorado features multi angle cameras, video, pitching machines and control centers, and a beautiful full infield. Their coaches are the most acclaimed and renowned pro, college and high school coaches in all of Colorado. Their mission is to teach the integrity of the game of baseball and to help players understand the greatness of the game while building character through life lessons associated with athletics and baseball. To guide, teach and enhance the process of advancing to the college or professional level. To provide the best learning atmosphere, the best competition, and the most fun the game of baseball has to offer to its athletes.



Sessions Begin Saturday, January 6th and run once a week until Saturday, March 24th. 
5U-8U: Saturday  ​2PM-3PM
9U-10U: Saturday 3PM-4PM
11U-12U: Saturday 4PM-5PM
​13U-14U: Saturday 5PM-6PM
Bardo's Diamond Sports and Raptors Athletics Baseball are excited to continue a partnership for Winter training this 2018 season. Bardo's will be providing a 12 week instructed training program for all players involved in the Raptors Athletics Baseball program. This program will be one hour a week and include both hitting and throwing instruction by our Bardo's staff. 

More about our Healthy Heat Throwing Program:
With all of the success from the 2016 Florida Baseball Ranch program, we bring to you the Bardo's Healthy Heat Program! This program specializes in the development and management of throwing, specially increasing arm strength drastically while keeping the arm safe. This program is for pitchers and position players.

Stop training the same old fashioned way with minimal results. You can throw harder, have an elite arm, and you can do it all PAIN FREE!

Come be a part of Healthy Heat, a proven program that will increase your arm strength and velocity all while teaching you to throw safely and make your arm pain a thing of the past!

There are a couple of main reasons why Healthy Heat is so successful and the best program in the state of Colorado​.
  1. It is not a one size fits all program. It is individualized and tailored towards your specific needs, strengths, and weaknesses. You will receive your own personal physical assessment by a strength and conditioning coach, high speed video, 24-point throwing analysis, hands on instruction for all corrective throwing drills, as well as your own mobility/stability plan. 
  2. Our program is crafted and backed up by research and data. We have actual "why's" behind everything we do. Every aspect of your program is designed to specifically turn YOU into the strongest thrower possible. 

More about our 3D Hitting Program: 
Bardo's 3D Hitting Training Program focuses on the 3 Dimensions of the swing
Core-centric rotation
Barrel depth and direction

Focus is on eliminating inefficiencies. When athletes move better, they hit better.

Our Fall training program implemented 3D Hitting and had huge success. Our of the 47 participants, we saw the following results:
  • Avg Peak Exit Velocity up 3mph
  • Avg Average Exit Velocity up 3.6 mph
  • Avg Batted Ball Distance up 24 feet

Please continue to check back or go directly to Bardo's link above for the latest clinics.